As a client of Roberts Mackie Winstanley, you’ll have access to the Personal Finance Portal (PFP), our online client portal. PFP allows you to view your short- and long-term finances in one place 24/7 – anywhere, on any mobile or web device.

With PFP you can obtain a valuation of your portfolio, get in touch with your adviser safely and securely via secure messaging, and assess how you’re progressing against your goals. You can upload and store documents in a secure document vault and add any additional account information that you may have to enable you to see your entire financial worth in one place.

PFP allows you to view the data that your adviser has captured in our internal system and also allows you to update your personal data or account information. Any changes you make to the data you see in PFP feeds back to your adviser in real-time.

Secure messaging

With email and post increasingly open to being intercepted, we treat the security of the data you share with us with the utmost importance. PFP provides you with a secure messaging service, so you can quickly get in touch with your adviser and have the peace of mind of knowing that any information you share is encrypted and completely private.

A secure document vault

PFP provides you with a secure Document Vault, so you can store all your financial documents online where they are secure and fully backed up – this is much safer and more convenient than the bottom of the filing cabinet.

Access to PFP Premium

PFP Premium is an additional service that enables you to collate information, electronically, on your short-term finances like bank accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages, together with your advised products, giving you powerful insight into your total net worth. Plus, you’ll also be able to receive alerts and insights into spending and saving habits so you can keep track of how you’re progressing against the goals you’ve set. Contact us if this additional service is of interest to you.

To register for PFP

1. Click on the Client login button and then click on the ‘Register’ button.

2. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address; the one that we hold on file for you. This will trigger an email containing an activation link that will be sent to your email account. Note: The email address that you register with will become the email that you use to log on to PFP.

3. On receipt of the email, click on the activation link.

4. You’ll now be directed to a page to verify your identity, define a password and view the site’s Terms and Conditions. Once you have done this, click on the ‘Register’ button to complete the activation of your PFP account.

5. The activation process is now complete. You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation message saying ‘Activation process complete’ and a link to login to your PFP account.

Personal finance portal overview

To see the benefits of using the Personal Finance Portal (PFP), take a quick look at this video.

User guide

Assets, liabilities, income and expenditure

The Assets and Liabilities area gives you a great way of seeing how your Net Worth has tracked over time. There are some fantastic ways of looking at your data differently. The Personal Finance Portal shows you how your income and expenditure are categorised as a whole.

Handling tasks, documents and secure messages via PFP

You can set up a series of tasks in your Personal Finance Portal account to help you administrate your finances. This saves time and money for both you and your adviser negating the need to send the information through the post or you having to collect documents in person.

Spending areas

The Income & Expenditure tab is a simple way of displaying your current income and spending. This gives you the power to reallocate your spend on a particular area.

Adding a manual account

Adding an account manually within the Personal Finance Portal is simple and can be added in a matter of minutes. Once the account had been added, information such as your assets and liabilities will be updated.

Adding an electronic account

Adding an electronic account is simple to do and can be added in a matter of moments. The Personal Finance Portal will then verify the details with your provider and once verified, the account will be added. (This option is available via PFP Premium only.)