We have a transparent and fair charging system for the advice we give. We will agree with you, in advance, how much you will pay for the research we undertake on your behalf, for any investment you make, and for the ongoing advice we give.

Costs matter. Roberts Mackie Winstanley balances risk, return and cost when choosing and evaluating investment strategies and managers. We require our business partners to be transparent in their costs: We work only with providers that fully disclose their fees and charges to our clients. We do not charge performance fees. We seek to keep costs low by avoiding complex strategies and securities.

We charge an initial fee for providing our initial advice and recommendations, this fee is fully disclosed to you prior to the commencement of any work we undertake on your behalf. If you wish to receive an ongoing advice service from Roberts Mackie Winstanley, we will discuss and agree an ongoing fee for those services with you, again in advance of any work being undertaken.

If you do not require an ongoing service, no additional fees are payable to Roberts Mackie Winstanley.

Full details of our service options and the fees we charge are provided in our Fees and services document. Please call us for a copy.